Analysis & Design

With our seasoned industry expert leadership team and by adapting the latest technologies, we deliver our clients the most cost effective steel design possible. Our ability to be innovative and more dynamic will yield cost effective solutions for our client needs. Our team executed projects across the different standards and codes as follows but not limited to,

  • British Standards (BS codes)
  • European Standards (EC codes)
  • Indian Standards (IS codes)
  • Standards New Zealand & Standards Australia (NZS & AS)
  • American Standards (AISC & ASME)

Our specialization includes but not limited to,

  • British Standards (BS codes)
  • European Standards (EC codes)
  • Indian Standards (IS codes)
  • Standards New Zealand & Standards Australia (NZS & AS)
  • American Standards (AISC & ASME)

Connection Design

Nevertheless to say the connection design plays an important role in any structural design as binds the whole structures together. Having said that, it’s also equally important to design the connections in a more optimal way and easy to erect. At Arris, we ensure the same with the appropriate checks, specific to the connection types as per the code of practice in addition to the usage of latest and most sophisticated software and templates. Our team’s experience on the production procedures and erection processes adds a lot of value.

Our connection design expert team is experienced and having in-depth knowledge on most type of welded and bolted connections.

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis is one of our key value propositions of our services. Our core team constitutes industry proven seasoned professionals how has vast experiences on the following.

  • Load Modeling is based on the Standard specification.
  • Seismic acceleration spectrum
  • Geometric and boundary Modeling based on the Finite Element Method for static analysis
  • Modeling for Dynamic spectral analysis using standard software package such as STAAD Pro
  • Review for the design safety of the Structural steel building based on relevant Design Standards
  • Final report of summary with recommendations and suggestions

3D Modeling & Detailing

Our experienced team provide clients with a complete steel detailing package using advanced 3D modeling software such as StruCad, ProSteel, etc., with a highly accurate 3D modeling and detailing. Our services include but not limited to,

  • 3-D Modeling
  • Preparing Anchor Bolt Plans & Details
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Erection Drawings
  • Fabrication Shop Drawings
  • Single component Drawings
  • Customized Reports

Our clients pursue our strength as our stringent quality processes to avoid any rework. `In addition we believe the following qualities and expertise of ours leads us to live up to our client’s expectations.

  • Sound knowledge in study of contract/design drawing and interpretation skills.
  • Anticipate missing information and generating RFI’s on timely basis to avoid schedule impact.
  • Very close interaction and communication with the clients, Engineer & Architect throughout the project.
  • Excellent skills in pursuing revisions control /changes during project execution.
  • Co-ordination with other traders like precast floor / panel and grating suppliers.
  • Co-ordination with fabrication shop and site erection team.
  • Experience in checking of 3D model with high degree of Fabrication & Erection friendly techniques.
  • Planning and monitoring of all relative activities for each project from start to finish.
  • Ensure drawing standards are met with client requirements at every level of execution.